From our great-great-grandfather Sebastià to Eduard – currently the head of the business -, five generations have safe-guarded our traditional principles and techniques to produce Embotits Obach, maintaining the same quality and authentic flavour of the sausages and cold meats dreamed up by our ancestors.

At Embutidos Obach we have always believed that the best way of honouring our ancestors is by respecting, maintaining and trying to improve on this know-how, passing it from generation to generation, and rigorously applying it in each of our processes.


The same entrepreneurial spirit of Sebastià can now be seen today in Eduard, who has been part of the business from a very young age and now heads Embotits Obach, together with his siblings. More than 100 years and five generations later, Embotits Obach continues making sausages and cold meats with a distinctive flavour that only years of experience can bring.

Organyà is a small locality in the region of Alt Urgell that, in addition to being on the way to Andorra, is known for three main reasons: the Homolies, paragliding and, of course the production of sausages and cold meats. History, adventure sports and artisan products are uniquely found in this point of the Pyrenees, with a backdrop of the worshiped mountain of Santa Fe.