Implementation of local development strategies

Our commitment to food safety and compliance with the strictest quality and environmental standards has always been an inherent part of the business philosophy of Embotits Obach.

Our effort and good practices have been rewarded with certificates that guarantee the quality, production methods and traceability of our extensive range of products.

Action of Rural Development Program of Catalonia 2014-2020, co-financed by:

First title of the action: Improvement of technological, process in meat company.

Second title of the action: Improvement of technological, process and energy saving.
Help Received: 61.978,14 € (43% FEADER – 26.650,60 € / 57% DARP – 35.327,54 €)

Third title of the action: Expansion of cooked dishes line, increased production capacity and quality control in Obach sausages.
Help Received: 64.761,50 € (43% FEADER – 27.847,45 € / 57% DARP – 36.914,05 €)