Traditional elaboration

It seems obvious, but the creators of sausages and cold meats were farmers, who acquired know-how in many fields thanks to trial and error. Their techniques are totally natural and from them we have learned everything we know today.

It was in mid-winter when all the family would unite at the farmhouse and take part in the pig slaughter. They made raw botifarras, white botifarras, black botifarras, bull sausages, fuets and longanizas, all with just the right amount of salt and pepper that, in addition to giving them a defined taste, helped to preserve them.

For the fuets and longanizas the primest cuts of pork were chosen and the cold, long winters were taken advantage of to carry out a slow, unhurried curing process, which gives them such a special flavour.

At Embotits Obach we have always believed that the best way of honouring our ancestors is by respecting, maintaining and trying to improve on this know-how, passing it from generation to generation, and rigorously applying it in each of our processes. 

From selecting the pigs to be able to prepare the sausages and meats and finally slow drying them, unhurried, in a perfect climate such as that of Organyà, everything is always done with the essence of each product in mind.

At Obach, each sausage and cold meat is the most important because it carries with it a one-hundred year history. This is what distinguishes us and what we aim to preserve. Therefore, we always take care of this legacy, applying everything that represents us in each product. Only this way can we continue saying that, probably, we make one of the best sausages in the world.